This study will examine the preliminary effectiveness of an adolescent group treatment delivered in a school-based setting. The purpose of the group is to teach adolescents Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills including: mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance. The intervention is named SOARing (School-Based Opportunities for Adolescent Recovery).

This project is funded by a seed grant from the School of Behavioral Health at Loma Linda University and the Varda Shoham Clinical Science Training Initiative 

Project SOARing Publications and Presentations

Conference Presentations

Mazzone, E., Antommarchi, C., Bagnara, G., Jutzy, H., & Boustani, M. M. (2021). School-Based Opportunities for Adolescent Recovery (SOARing)The Acceptability and Feasibility of a DBT Skills Pilot Program for At-Risk Adolescents. Paper presented at the 2021 Western Psychological Association Convention (WPA), online.

Antommarchi, C., Greenberg, S., Bagnara, G., Jutzy, H., Vogel, K., Banayan, T., Mazzone, E. & Boustani, M. M. (2021). School-Based Opportunities for Adolescent Recovery (SOARing): Preliminary feasibility of a universal DBT-based skills program for at-risk adolescents residing in an underserved community. Paper presented at the 2021 Western Psychological Association Virtual Convention.