This project proposes to unpack Problem-Solving as a complex skill set to reduce risk for internalizing problems for young people. Findings will set the stage for more effective and efficient use of Problem-Solving skills training as part of mental health programming for flexible and easy delivery by lay workforces in underserved communities. 

This project is a collaboration with Stacy Frazier at Florida International University and is funded by the National Institute for Mental Health (Award # R21MH126242-01A1).

Project Problem-Solving Skills Training Publications and Presentations

Conference Presentations

Mahler, C., Greenberg, S., Marin, D., Mazzone, E., Antommarchi, C., Rockwood, N., Boustani, M. (2022). A Meta-Analysis of the Literature on the Impact of Problem Solving on Internalizing Problems. Paper presented at 102nd Annual Convention of the Western Psychological Association (WPA), Portland, OR.